In the fall of 1945, Mr. Nicholas Mazzie was visiting with the Macellaro family. Mr. Mazzie, an uncle to Frank Macellaro, stated that since Belleplain had so many men who served in the war, they should form a VFW Post. Mr. Mazzie, who was already a member of a VFW post in Camden County, obtained the necessary materials that would be needed to get started. Together with Mr. Mazzie, Frank Macellaro and Dominic Lorenzo started to sign up twenty five men that would be needed in order to petition the National organization for a charter. By January of 1946, thirty three men were signed up and soon would become the chartered members of the Post.

Since the Post would fall into the boundaries of the Ninth District (Cape May, Cumberland and Atlantic Counties), a meeting was scheduled with Comrade Frank Harbert, Ninth District Commander and Comrade William Jeager, Tri County Council Commander. At that meeting, the members stated that they wanted to name the Post in honor of the four men from Belleplain who were killed in action. Additionally, the names would appear in order in which the men met their demise. But they were told that no more than three names could appear on the charter. So it was finally decided to name the Post after the first three men: Joseph Petrella, Frank Repici and Thomas Caprioni.

After selecting the name, the application for the charter was completed and forwarded to the National organization for approval. On February 21, 1946, the Petrella, Repici, Caprioni Post was granted a charter by the National organization and was issued post number 6257. A meeting was held on March 14, 1946 at the Patriotic Order Sons of America Hall for the purpose of electing the Post Officers. At that meeting, it was decided to continue to meet at the Patriotic Order Sons of America Hall on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

One week later on March 21, 1946, Comrade Frank Harbert, Ninth Distrct Commander, instituted the Post. The obligation was given by Comrade William Jeager, Tri County Council Commander and the Post Officers were installed. The Petrella, Repici, Caprioni Post 6257 was officially mustered into the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

It was not until two and a half years later, through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Leleand Champion and Commander Frank Polise Jr., that a letter was received in regards to adding the name of Leland Champion Jr. to the Post charter. In that letter, dated July 28, 1948, State Commander Frank Andrews stated that, "the Post didn’t receive proper instructions when they were being organized” and "that this whole affair has been a misunderstanding and unintentional”. At the following meeting, held on August 19, 1948, the membership voted and unanimously approved to add the name of Leland Champion Jr. to the Post charter. On August 30, 1948, the National organization approved the charter change and the name of the Post was officially changed to Petrella, Repici, Caprioni, Champion Post.